Posted by: Cliff Nadeau | 04/27/2010

Mayweather’s toughest test?

With the Mayweather / Mosley fight only a few days away, some consider this to be a given victory for Mayweather.  I think this is the farthest from the truth.  Mayweather has hand picked many fighters who have that come forward aggressive style that fits perfectly with his back pedaling, counter punching style.  I think he feels that he has done that again with Mosley.  I am sure that he is not taking him lightly, as he always trains hard and always comes prepared.

There have been many instances when he looks like he may have a tough time on his hands.  We saw this with De La Hoya and Judah.  They both controlled the fight for most of the first 5 rounds.  But then Mayweather either makes them forget their game plans or makes them feel comfortable.  When this happens, he does what he is good at, counter punching and not letting them hit him.  We all know that both of these fighters had the skills to beat Mayweather.  De La Hoya had the jab and the size, where as Judah had the boxing skills and speed.  But as always, Judah self destructed and De La Hoya thought coasting in the later rounds would work for him.

I will not go into much about his recent fights, because he has only fought people that had no chance of beating him.  No one in the USA would have given Hatton a chance, and Marquez was so small and didn’t have the speed, that even if he did actually catch Mayweather at some point, it wouldn’t have done anything.  This time, I think he may have the toughest test of his career.

A fellow coworker and I were talking a while back when the Pacquiao / Mayweather fight was still in the works, and be both agreed that the better fight would be the one that is currently coming up.  Mosley has all the tools to make this fight a classic.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Pacquiao would hold his own, but there wouldn’t be fireworks like there maybe in the Mosley fight.  Mosley has the size to push Mayweather around and use it to his advantage.  I think this could be a fight that Mayweather may actually have to fight to win.

In my mind, as long as Mosley figures out Mayweather quickly, I think Mosley may connect and hurt him.  If this happens, we will see Mayweather lose for the first time.  And if that happens, then you have the biggest fight of all time.

Mosley is no slouch and Mayweather knows this.  He will study hours and hours of tape and get a game plan setup.  He will be ready that is for sure.  But I think Mosley is doing the same.  These two fighters will not take each other lightly and THAT is what makes for a good fight.

This could be one of the best fights of my lifetime and if it goes the way I think, Mosley by TKO 10, then the rematch will be the biggest fight ever.

Bring on Saturday because I cant wait to watch history be made, one way or another.



  1. Well put my brother. Saturday will be a night to remember hopefully. I am very much looking forward to this matchup!

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