Posted by: Cliff Nadeau | 05/04/2010

The Welterweights: The Death of a Division

This past Saturday’s fight between Mayweather and Mosley was one of the greatest moments in boxing.  We saw the two best welterweights in the world fight in what could be one of the best fights in boxing history.  But at the same time, as colleague pointed out to me, it was a death of a division.

For almost a year now, everyone in the boxing world has been chanting the mantra of “Mayweather and Pacquiao”.  Even I have been trumpeting to anyone who would listen about how Pacman would be the toughest fight Mayweather would ever have.  Sure, Mosley would be tough, but Pacman would be tougher.  I look back and think how I played into the marketing of the promoters.  No way in hell would Pacquiao be a harder fight then Mosley.  Mosley had the boxing skills and power to beat Mayweather, as we saw in the second round when Mayweather was almost on the mat, but he couldn’t out think the master mind that is Mayweather.

I have never been a Mayweather fan.  I would be filed under the category of a hater to be totally honest.  I have never given him credit for being the best. I would say he was a really good defensive boxer and that’s it.  After Saturdays fight, I was converted from a hater to not necessarily a fan, but now I will give him full credit.  He beat a hell of a fighter in Mosley and not only did he do it in a way that made everyone finally believe in his ability, but in a way that killed the desire to see him fight Pacquiao.

So what does this mean for the welterweight division?  Well, in my opinion, it means that there are no other fights in that weight division that I want to see.  I guess I would be a little interested in seeing Mosley fight Pacquiao for the fact that it would be a war.  But it would be a dead-end for both fighters.  The issue is that now all roads really do lead to Mayweather.  Pacquiao can no longer be called the #1 P4P fighter in the world anymore.  He has never beaten someone of the caliber of Mosley.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Pacquiao but I honestly think he couldn’t beat Mayweather now.  I know it’s horrible to lose faith in one of your favorite fighters, but after watching Mosley get handled the way he did physically and mentally, I wouldn’t give Pacquiao a chance in hell to beat Mayweather.

So what other fighters are out there for Mayweather?  Cotto?  Margarito? How about Paul Williams?  No thank you on all of them.  Cotto would have to be a totally different fighter under the tutelage of Stewart for that to even been a prospect.  Margarito would look like a tomato can sparring partner compared to Mayweather.  Paul Williams is bigger and longer, but I feel he lost to Martinez which would pretty much take him out of the running on that one.

So, who else is out there?  No one worth discussing and there is no rematch he would take considering he has outclassed almost every fighter he has stepped in to the ring with.  Never once have I watched one of Mayweather’s fights and thought “Wow, he lost that decision”.  Because of that, I have no idea who he would fight that would be worth watching.  The biggest and best fight that could happen in boxing just happened, and Pacquiao was not part of it.  If he would have stepped up and done the testing, then he would have been part of that fight instead of Mosley, but I don’t think the outcome would have been different.

I am still interested to see if there is a match up out there that will provide us with the excitement and intrigue that Mayweather / Pacquiao once had.  I hope there is, and I hope it comes along soon.



  1. I think a great matchup for Mayweather at this point would be a move up to 160 to fight Sergio Martinez.

    Nothing left in Welter, or
    Super Welter really.

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